How to Earn Free Crypto - 3 Easiest Ways

PLUS, why you need hardware wallet

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Today's lesson? It's all about how to earn free crypto – of course, without cheating. ☝️ 

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Here's what's happening today:

  • 🤯 3 ways to earn free crypto. ZERO technical skills required

  • 👜 Why you need a HARDWARE crypto wallet

  • 🚀 Cathie Wood says Bitcoin is going to $1.5 Million

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How to Earn Free Crypto Without Breaking the Law - My Favorite Methods!

SpongeBob SquarePants underwater scene giving away free money

Today I’ll show you some of my favorite ways to earn free crypto. I know, lucky you!

With crypto showing signs of strength for the upcoming year, it’s the perfect time to get into crypto, or to stack your bags even higher if you’re already in the market.

I like the methods I’m about to show you because they don’t require any advance technical skills. Lucky you, times two!

If you know how to log into your email account or turn on a light switch for that matter, you can do this!

The big opportunity…

Earning free money may seem like a fairytale, but thankfully in the world of crypto investing it’s a shining reality.

No, we aren't suggesting an unlawful heist in the Matrix, but rather, a few clever and legitimate methods you can use to pad your digital wallet. Ready to stack your portfolio with some free crypto? Let’s go!

Method 1: Earn Free Crypto by ‘Staking’ on Centralized Exchanges

What exactly is staking? Because this is a non-technical guide we won’t get into the weeds – but imagine it as a much better twist on the old savings account.

You hold funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. The reward? More cryptocurrency for you, of course!

So, where can you stake and earn free crypto?

Look no further than centralized exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, and others.

They've simplified the process so it's as easy as depositing your crypto and watching the magic happen. Here’s visual example of how staking works on Kraken.

How to earn free crypto on Kraken Pro

You won’t see returns this big in a regular savings account! 👀 

As you can see it’s super simple.

  1. Log into your Kraken account, open the Kraken Pro option. Of course, you can create a Kraken account, if you don’t have one yet.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Earn’ section.

  3. Stake your crypto and start earning weekly. Boom! 💥 

Method 2: Earn Free Crypto Using ‘Learn to Earn’

Learn to Earn, sounds like a nursery rhyme, right?

However, this clever initiative taken by platforms like Coinbase and CoinMarketCap is all about education.

It's a real case of knowledge being power...and in this case, crypto!

Simply put, these platforms offer free cryptocurrency as a reward for learning about various crypto projects.

Watch videos, take quizzes, and voila, you're earning crypto while boosting your blockchain know-how. Who knew being a crypto-nerd could be so profitable?

Here’s a quick snapshot of what it looks like on CoinMarketCap – but note, ‘Learn to Earn’ can be done in a ton of different places.

Try finding another course that pays YOU to learn!

Method 3: Earn Free Crypto with the Brave Browser Wallet

You surf the web every day, but what if you could earn crypto while doing it?

Enter the Brave Browser - your knight in shining armor. 🛡️ 

Unlike typical browsers, Brave values your privacy and hates ads as much as you do.

The cherry on top is that Brave Browser pays you in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for opting into privacy-respecting ads.

Here’s how to access the option:

Instructions of how to earn BAT tokens with Brave

Store these tokens in the Brave Browser Wallet, and let the free crypto party begin. Say goodbye to aimless web browsing, and hello to profitable surfing!

Bringing it all together…

So there you have it.

Three ways to get free crypto – no catch, no tricks, just simple and effective ways.

From staking on exchanges, learning for rewards, or simply browsing the web, the opportunities are as vast as the blockchain networks themselves.

Happy earning! And send me an email to let me know if this was helpful. 🙂 


Use a Hardware Wallet 🔐 

So you've got the hang of how to get free crypto. Check! ✅ 

Now, the big question - where should you keep those hard-earned digital assets?

The answer is simple yet essential: A hardware wallet.

One of my favorites is the Ledger.

They look cool, but their security is what’s really important.

They protect your crypto from being stolen – plain and simple. Remember, crypto isn’t like cash in a bank, there’s no insurance to cover losses.

On top of that having a secure hardware wallet protects you from…

Malware Attacks: Just in the last year, there was a 70% increase in malware attacks targeting software wallets. These attacks can be used to steal wallet’s credentials. Hardware wallets store your wallet’s information offline, making them much more secure than software wallets that are stored on your computer or mobile device.

Exchange Hacks: Just last year, there were over BILLIONS worth of cryptocurrency stolen from exchanges. This is because exchanges are often targeted by hackers since they hold large amounts of cryptocurrency. That’s why storing your crypto on a wallet is more secure than storing it on an exchange.

When it comes to crypto, a secure wallet isn't just a fancy accessory, it's a lifeline. Check out Ledger or any hardware wallet of your choice, to keep your crypto safe!



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