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  • Will Bitcoin go OVER 100K in 2024? Alessio Rastani Weighs In

Will Bitcoin go OVER 100K in 2024? Alessio Rastani Weighs In

Plus, Binance lays off 1000+ people.

Yo, it’s Big Joe Crypto…

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My formula?

Making sense of these markets for ya – especially all these predictions about Bitcoin going to $100K+ by next year!

Any truth to them? Let’s dive in!

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My crypto news updates require intense power… ⚡️ 

Here's what's happening today:

  • 🤑 Will Bitcoin reach $100,000 or more in 2024. Crypto analyst Alessio Rastani weighs in

  • 🦶 Binance lays off more than 1000 people

  • 👀 Bitcoin dipped below $30K

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Crypto Fear and Greed Index for July 17, 2023 - Markt Mood Meter

*Prices as of 10:30 AM EST. BIG Movers based on top 300 cryptos by market cap.


Alessio Rastani Explains How High Bitcoin’s (BTC) Price Could Go in 2024 📈 

Bitcoin price prediction chart 100K 1M

Over the last few months, Bitcoin has shown an impressive upward trend.

A trend so impressive, in fact, that it’s got people talking about BTC Price hitting $100,000 and up within the next year.

But is it really possible?

The big hope…

Just last December Standard Chartered Bank predicted that Bitcoin could fall to $5,000.

CNBC headline, Standard Chartered Bitcoin crash

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, Standard Chartered (yes the same bank!!!) said Bitcoin could go to $120,000+.

Reuters headline standard chartered bitcoin $120,000


Yeah, lots of other people to – which is why we’re taking a good look at what’s going on with the Bitcoin prediction ping-pong. 🏓 

To do this, I’m dissecting the recent video by Alessio Rastani, a well respected crypto analyst and trader.

I’m using his video analysis partly because he’s one of the few people out there I respect in crypto, and also because he doesn’t sensationalize things – just straight facts!

Is a $100,000 Bitcoin Price Possible?

In a refreshing contrast to the flurry of bullish fanfare, Alessio plays it cool in the dizzying world of Bitcoin speculation.

His Youtube video makes a few big observations you need to know…

1/ Market opinion flip-flopping: Alessio finds it amusingly fickle how the Bitcoin “experts” have moved from a bearish blues to a bullish bop recently.

He reminds us that markets are driven by emotion, and at any point people will either say BTC is crashing, or it’s going high than the moon.

That’s why it’s better to rely on facts and data, rather than “news”.

2/ Alessio Rastani is bullish on Bitcoin: His cheer for Bitcoin has been unwavering since the year kicked off.

And his overall outlook hasn’t changed – even if Bitcoin takes a big price dip, he still believes it’s going much higher.

Dwight Schrute celebrating in parking lot

Go Bitcoin!!!

3/ The big question: Alessio’s question is, what does Bitcoin need to do BEFORE it hits $100K or $120K? In other words, we need to hit some important milestones before we start popping champagne bottles! 🍾 

4/ The big answer: One of these milestones Bitcoin needs to hit before it gets to $100,000 or more is it needs to surpass its previous all-time high of around $69,000, which it hasn't yet surpassed.

This is one of the simple reasons Alessio remains “cautiously bullish”.

5/ Alessio's message is clear on Bitcoin: Before we start choreographing Bitcoin's moonwalk, let's make sure it can pull off the basic moves on earth!

Wanna dig more into Alessio Rastani’s Bitcoin analysis? Check out the video directly on Youtube below:

Is Alessio Rastani right about his Bitcoin Price Prediction?

Alessio is addressing the crypto elephant in the room when it comes to Bitcoin’s potential price of $100,000.

In the rollercoaster world of crypto, is he on the money or just another voice in the crowd?

Well… even Rastani cautions us to buckle up and wait. 🛑 

He points out key levels that Bitcoin needs to hit before we can start counting our digital riches.

So, is he right?

Well, even he wouldn't claim to have a crystal ball.

What he does offer is a balanced perspective - equal parts optimism and caution. After all, Bitcoin's journey is as much about the ride as it is the destination.

For now, we just have to wait and see.


Don't Let Emotions Dictate Your Investing!

One of the critical lessons we can learn from Alessio Rastani's analysis today is that emotions play a massive role in the world of crypto markets – just like in any other market.

It's easy to get swept up in the hype when prices are soaring or panic when prices start to plummet.

In fact, I believe that managing your emotions is one of the most difficult things to when it comes to crypto investing.

And once you master it, your profits will speak for themselves.



Yes, I know we’re all praying for $500,000+ Bitcoin, but you still gotta do your own research!

Cartoon comic style angel saying do your own research

Lots of debates about the Ripple vs. SEC case. But the fact remains… 👊 

XRP beats SEC boxing knockout meme

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