The Next Big Crypto Coin – 5 Major Picks

PLUS, What cryptos I buy each week

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  • 👀 5 picks for the next big crypto coin

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  • 📉 Bitcoin starts off August in the red.

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Crypto Fear and Greed Index for August 7, 2023 - Markt Mood Meter

*Prices as of 7:30 PM EST. BIG Movers based on top 300 cryptos by market cap.


What is the next big cryptocurrency? Here are 5 picks

We’re just at the start of the next crypto bull market.

And if the last bull run is anything to go by, we're in for some serious fireworks.

We could easily see a bunch of key projects go 10X or way higher, like the ETH price doing a 4,000X.

So today, I’m sharing five standout coins I've got my eye on for the next bull run.

Each provides unique value to world, and they all seem primed for a big potential breakout.

So let’s dive in!

Before you continue: I should add that I own these assets, and I might start adding more of them to my crypto portfolio. Stay tuned on when and how I do that for the biggest potential gain.

The big picks…

Okay. So there are 5 picks. Let’s go through them quickly one by one.

Next Big Crypto Coin #1 of 5: MATIC (Polygon)

MATIC (Polygon) logoo
  • Sector: Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum

  • Market Cap: $6.3B

  • Ticker: MATIC

What is it?

MATIC is like Ethereum's secret weapon, designed to turbocharge transaction speeds and efficiency on the Ethereum network.

Why it'll be big:

With a seal of approval from bigwigs like Binance and Coinbase, and a clear direction mapped out by a seasoned team, MATIC stands a great chance of becoming a key player in Ethereum's scaling story. And as Ethereum's use continues to grow, so does MATIC's potential. Watch this space.

Next Big Crypto Coin #2 of 5: AVAX (Avalanche)

AVA X (Avalanche) logo
  • Sector: High-performance blockchain

  • Market Cap: $4.4B

  • Ticker: AVAX

What is it?

AVAX, or Avalanche, is the Usain Bolt of blockchains. It's lightning-fast, handling thousands of transactions per second without breaking a sweat.

Why it'll be big:

The promise of Avalanche lies in its speed and efficiency, a powerful combination that can potentially revolutionize how transactions are processed in the blockchain world. Its future shines bright, like a comet in the crypto cosmos.

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How to know the best crypto buy?

If you don’t know which crypto is best to buy, I don’t blame you…

There are over 20,000 of them, and that’s a lot to choose from.

Truth is, most cryptos are frauds, and the ones that aren’t outright frauds have little to no actual value.

So how do you know which ones to buy?

Well, the answer ain’t so glamorous – and I’m not gonna sugar coat it.

The answer is that you STUDY.

Homer Simpson looking through buy and wearing glasses

Yup. Just like the good old days. Long nights, lots of coffee, and the fear of flunking out!

Problem is, most people don’t have the time to study thousands of hours just to find out which cryptos are worth investing in.

The big solution…

So you have two options if you want to know the best cryptos to buy.

1/ Study your a** off for endless hours, never see the light of day (since you’re too busy analyzing the market) and maybe pick the right ones.


2/ Use a reference guide, like my Weekly ‘Profit Portfolio’ Updates.

The choice is yours, of course. 👍️ 

But if you wanna know which cryptos to buy, when to sell, and when to hold for the long term, you’re more than welcome to check out what I’m doing with my portfolio.

This is an easy way to see what top projects in crypto are, without having to study 20,000 cryptos one by one.

Here’s the kind of stuff you can expect in the weekly updates…

Weekly Profit Portfolio Update

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If you choose to buy any of these assets for your portfolio, or any of the other 50+ assets in my FULL portfolio, consider Kraken as your crypto exchange.

I say this often, but I’m a huge fan of their security and they’ve got a good reputation - i.e., never been hacked, and the do something called “proof of reserves” that proves cryptographically that they hold the crypto they say they have.

Check out Kraken, if you’re still in search of the trustworthy (and secure) crypto exchange.

Kraken secure crypto exchange



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