Bitcoin blasts past $44K. Now what?

PLUS, Bitcoin Price Guaranteed to 100K?

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Here's what's happening today:

  • 🚀 As BTC soars in price, what happens next?

  • 🤑 The experts say Bitcoin is going to $100,000+ by 2024

  • 🏢 The safest place to buy Bitcoin and crypto

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Here’s what happened in the overall crypto market

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*Prices as of 10:30 AM EST. BIG Movers based on top 300 cryptos by market cap.


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Bitcoin is rocketing in price. What comes next? 🤔 

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Bitcoin big price pump!

Bitcoin, the crypto giant, leaped over the $44,000 barrier, thanks to the buzz around the potential U.S. Bitcoin ETF approval by January 2024.

ETF approval isn’t guaranteed, but investors are betting on it.

And the anticipation has not only lifted Bitcoin's price but also infused a fresh dose of optimism into the entire crypto market.

📜 Reading Between the Lines: Here’s why everyone is so hopeful

  • New Year Hopeful: The potential U.S. approval of a Bitcoin ETF by January 10, 2024, is a huge deal. This could send Bitcoin's price soaring to new heights.

  • Institutional Interest: BlackRock's involvement and favorable indications from the SEC are fueling this surge. The market is buoyed by the belief that the U.S. is edging closer to embracing Bitcoin ETFs.

🤔 Why you should care

The approval of a Bitcoin ETF could lead to a supply crunch, given Bitcoin's capped production, especially with the upcoming halving event.

This might create a perfect storm for price appreciation (aka “number go up”), setting the stage for Bitcoin to potentially hit $100,000+.

👀 Big Joe’s Take

Right now is NOT the time to be on the sidelines. In fact, here’s what I’m doing right now.

I'm steadily upping my Bitcoin stash, even though I know prices could go down in the short term.

If the market dips or the ETF isn’t approved in January, I'm ready to buy more. My plan?

In short: ✍️ 

  • I’m buying more Bitcoin right now

  • I’m keeping cash on the side in case prices take a nose-dive.


$100K Bitcoin by 2024? Standard Chartered Bank Says ‘Oh YES’ 🚀

Bitcoin logo over a background of glowing charts

What’s the big news?

Geoff Kendrick from Standard Chartered projects Bitcoin to hit $100K by 2024. This optimism follows Bitcoin’s recent performance recovery, marking a shift from its previous lows.

📜 Reading Between the Lines

  • Steady Confidence: Reiterating their earlier prediction, Standard Chartered’s latest forecast reflects their unwavering belief in Bitcoin’s potential, despite market volatility.

  • Behind the Prediction: This isn't a shot in the dark. It's partly driven by Bitcoin’s 2023 recovery and boosted by catalysts like the launch of a BTC ETF by BlackRock and a changing market sentiment toward cryptocurrencies.

🤔 Why you should care

  • Broader Market Impact: This forecast is a strong signal that major financial institutions are now seeing cryptocurrencies as a more stable and viable investment option, potentially leading to long-term growth.

  • Key Takeaway: There’s no doubt, this outlook is sunnier than a day at the beach. But remember, the economic tides are tricky. Bitcoin could either ride a massive wave past $100K or hit an unexpected undertow.

👀 Big Joe’s Take

I've been eyeing a target of $75K to $100K for Bitcoin's next all-time high for a while now.

Standard Chartered's prediction aligns with that range, but the price could climb way higher, especially with a Bitcoin ETF on the horizson.

So right now, I'm leaning bullish, but I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket. There's always a risk to the downside – so I’m proceeding with a bit of caution.

That’s why a significant chunk of my portfolio is sitting in cash, ready to pounce on any "buy the dip" opportunities on Bitcoin and over 70 other tokens in my portfolio.


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Bitcoin's resurgence sparks renewed interest as ETF possibilities loom.

Bitcoin trades near $44,000 following its longest winning streak since May.

Nearly $100 million in Bitcoin shorts liquidated on centralized exchanges in 24 hours.

Former SEC Exec warns about potential crypto market crash.

FTX, Galaxy Digital, & Celsius move $45 million worth of Ethereum to Binance & Coinbase.


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